Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Twenty One 15th July 2010 - Lusaka to Nkonde

Wake up call 0800 hours as we intended to traverse the rest of the Zambia which was the one without a road infrastructure and get to Mbeya, Tanzania 100kms from the border, the water was lukewarm luckily temperatures were unlike Cape Town. Journey was to take us to Kabwe, Kapiri Moshi, Serenji, Mpika, Nkonde, Tunduma and finally Mbeya.

Good Morning Toyota Wish!

Fuel Stop at Serenji....Same place we spent the night after flat tires on the way to SA

We managed to fine the truck size pothole that led to 2 flats and 2 bent tires.....we were totally buggered...

This is the puncture repair shop where we got some first aid treatment for our wheels

Zambia has been very unkind to us....Yet another flat this time at Mpika..luckily this time it was in broad daylight right at the weigh bridge

Got to Nkonde border post some minutes after 9pm only to find out that all borders in Zambia close at 6pm, how sad as their neighbours operate 24 hour economies. On the plus side we headed to the same place where Pap aka Ugali is served in three's accompanied with a T-Bone steak for jus a small matter of Zambian Kwacha 17,000.

After the hearty meal we headed out to a cosy guesthouse where we spent the night ready for the Journey tomorrow which would traverse most of TZ.

Road infrastructure - The North East of Zambia has totally been ignored compared to the rest of the country, it's a short route to TZ but made incredibly tiring by the state of the road. 1 star out of 5 for the roads in Zambia

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  1. Sasa?
    We fikad Nairobi Wednesday 9pm after some nyam chom in Kitengela. We never got charged the $25 at Namanga - favour from the Lord? Silvester needs service! Planning an appointment with Subaru Kenya week starting 26th July. We had no punctures on our trip thanks to God. Apart from the bent rim which we took to the rear, oil change in Cape Town and rear wheel bearing change, all was OK! Malawi is beautilicious! And the road there from Lusaka is much better than the one to Nakonde - no potholes! Cops in Malawi kept asking for gifts - we prayed with one, gave one 4 oranges and told another he should give us the gifts since we were the visitors. and Lake Malawi - amazing! Need to do Maun in Bots soon. 2014 tuko pamoja! Shopping for a Landrover Defender already.