Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Sixteen 10th July 2010 – Dois M

After a lovely breakfast from Noma Africa we headed out to Durban City to have a look at the place, it was blazing hot even at 9am no wonder place is so popular tourist destination. Plan was to get to Maputo in Mozambique via Swaziland......That was very Intentional........Actually the border is in Swaziland so we had no choice but to go through King Mswati's Land....Okay enough of the excuses here goes........

Would you guys believe us if we told you this is where we spent the night?
Great Sand Job.......I said Sand!!!!
It's never too early to hit the waves......McCrutch on a Surf Board

That was Half the Jetty....with Shem covering the other Half

Moses Mabidha Stadium in Durban

Managed to sneak in this shot of the Cops after we got busted for speeding, and who says not all Cops are corrupt…..they are expensive though these sides……For the record we were busted for doing 156.4 Kph while braking in a 80 Kph zone….

Why are these boys so excited….It’s Just Swaziland ama?

Por favor, tome este formulário para a estância aduaneira e depois de pagar a taxa de seguro, então eu posso assinar para que você possa avançar para o maputo

Did you get any of that?

Neither did we

That was at the border crossing in Mozambique, the lovely lady at the counter didn’t speak a word of English, do you speak ehhh portuguesa is the best she could manage. Had some help from a chap with a Portuguese bandana who acted as our translator. Cheers mate.

I think it says Bem Vindo a Mozambique……that’s my best shot at translating this.

Beer so good they had to name it twice Dois M after a French General who decided that Mozambique would be a Portuguese Colony instead of an English one.....If he had gone for the English it would haqve been name Double M...lousy name for a beer...Good choice Mac-Mahon.

Shhteam FC with our Hosts Anderson and his lovely wife Jackie

Toilet Graffiti

After a few beers watching the 3rd and 4th Place game at this mall allegedly owned by the biggest drug baron in Mozambique we headed out to Club Macaneta to boogy Mozambique style.

Now can you spot the difference in the dois fotos below

And no its not the number of Heinekens on the table...

Language Barrier – Heineken is still just Heineken in Portuguesa that really helped

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