Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Ten 4th July 2010 – Most Boring Day Ever

First and foremost apologies for not keeping the blog up to date, experienced few technical difficulties and many skulduggery and scandalous challenges but we good now, reacquainted myself with the laptop. So here goes something……..

No wake up call the WISH was off for servicing kuthimwo oiro temperature in Joburg was 11 degrees so spent most of the day under the covers. Plan for the day was no plan at all. Decided to do Sandton City in daylight…..looked impressive the previous night.

The Nelson Mandela Bridge in downtown Joburg

Guys who put up such signs should be crucified…….as well as those who take pictures of them

Silly fella wouldn’t get out of my shot……dude you work here am the tourist

Yet another dude who wouldn’t get out our shot….and lose the Mohican on the kid.

Bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken…..21 Pieces

No prizes for guessing who ate the most pieces

It’s Apple Juice………..Honest!

Johannesburg Stock Exchange……Right outside Newscafe in Sandton City. Forward this Link to the NSE board members we also want to move to Sandton.

No more pictures taken after this, reason we was in Hillsbrow in downtown Joburg equivalent of Harlem in NYC. Didn’t want to get shot in the name of blogging. Saw a Mercedes ML650with plates reading CHAIRMAN 1 must be the Tony Soprano of these sides.

Liquor Store – When you can get Rose wine for 25 rand then you know kweli you are in the Ghetto. We had to hide the booze as you go out otherwise the cops will be with you. Hired some two chaps for 10 Rand. How those chaps managed to four six packs inside their jackets only experience will tell.

Headed back to the guest house to unwind and have a quiet beer as Cape Town beckoned the next morning. Kenyans having a quiet beer? Woke up one of our neighbours wasn’t very happy but. Knocked off around 3am I think……

Fact of the day – This was simply the most boring day of the road trip. Looking forward to cape town tomorrow.

Quote of the day – If you gonna complain about been woken p by noise then do so wearing only boxers. Waithaka about the guest we rudely woke up, he was fully clothed. Dude keep off the Viceroy it aint good for you.

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