Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Two 26th June 2010 – Dar mpaka Moro

8:30am – Time to set off target Mbeya, Tanzania (near the Zambia border)

Chilly and Drizzly morning in Arusha

U Turn – 25kms towards Dodoma a very friendly cop informs us that we taking the long route to Mbeya and we needed to head back to Arusha and nyorosha to Moshi.

Arusha culture centre

Speed guns aka ile torchi – Got busted for speeding…not once but thrice had to part with bribes ranging from Tshs. 5,000 to 10,000 depending on how broke we were at the point. In our defense it’s difficult to read a 50kph sign while driving at 190kph. More road sign drama while trying to read swahili ones while Jomo is driving....JI HADHARI KUNA WA...........................800 metres ahead........NYAMA WA PORIIIIINNNNIIIIIII

Our first cop stop, Kiarie none too amused

Terrain – Tanzania is one hilly and mountainous country check out the stunning scenery below

Shem having a shaggzmodoz moment

Dar mpaka Moro – Was very tempting to turn left and head to Dar which was only 100kms away compared to Morogoro 305kms away, we shall make time for it when we come back and look for TMK wanaume to redo the video.

Scenery on the way to Iringa

Mbeya town – 11:00pm and 1300kms from Arusha, 1550kms from Nairobi and we are yet to reach the border town Tunduma. TZ is one big ass country (both meanings apply here).

Ghana oh yeh – Managed to watch Extra time of the Ghana game, they must have known Shhteam FC have not arrived at their destination yet, elation kibao very proud of our African brothers see you in Souzzi Afrika (as it is pronounced by this Bongo nation).

Driver of the day – Jomo, but special mention to Shemkamehta for flying us between Iringa and Mbeya about 300+ kms in just under 2 hours. Force India F1 may have a driver seat for you next season.

Quote of the day – Naomba nisaidiwe na taweli (For Kiarie’s sake someone please find out what a Towel is called in Swahili).



  2. hahaha u guys seems to be having fun.. Jomo.. that was very slow speed. 300 clicks in 2hours means u averaging 120kph... poor performance.. jaribu tena.. Go back to the starting point and start again.. Kiarie, towel for swahili is taulo... ama even better tauro.. usione wakikuyu hifi hifi.. most of our words are carbon copy of Swahili...