Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Fourteen July 08th 2010 – Ocean Drive

Back on the road, destination Durban or so we thought. Wake up call was to be 0530hours but due to one tequila shot too many at the House of Rasputin McCrutch was unable to wake up, 0800hours after many calls I did manage to wake up despite been half drunk, the whole story is just to explain the lack of may pictures of the ocean drive.

Plan for the Journey was to be Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, East London followed by Durban, underestimated the distance and we ended up spending the night at East London, mad fun we never regretted this pit-stop at all.

Indian Ocean from the N2 Freeway

Now why are we at an airport on a road trip? Answer to pick up our host Cesar....Yah we jus fly them in coz we roll like that

That’s Cesar who became our Host in East London and showed us around……bought booze and headed for the beach.

Unlike Cape Town in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape is unbelievably warm. Mombasa weather these sides.

Whatever Kiarie was having we all wanted in.....

Highlight of the Day – East London, we ended up here by accident but never regretted any moment of it.

Miss of the day – We jus flew past Port Elizabeth trying to make up time to get to Durban. Missed out on a beautiful city.

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