Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Nine 3rd July 2010 – Bez Valley to Sandton

Matchday next door at Ellis park it was Spain vs Paraguay……and a small matter of Germany vs Argentina. Great breakfast again by Fatima at G&G but weather was not too kind but nani kama viceroy

Don’t let the sun fool you…it was freezing….Viceroy came in handy

Off to Eastgate we needed to replenish our supplies so we bought one Vuvuzela

Many shopping malls had this sign….how unpatriotic

McCrutch giving it a go…..

The trick to blowing a Vuvuzela is not in the size of the stomach

Kiarie failing miserably….Sounded more like a strangled cat. Pimped up the WISH as you can see the side mirrors as well as the tail flag.

Caught the Germany vs Argentina game at Cape Town Fish Market……in Joburg

McCrutch in Concert at Eastgate……..You may not see the fans from this shot

Shem the Guitar Player….Kiarie on the Keyboard and Jomo on Kayamba……..Joy Riders on McCrutches Band

After concert we headed back to the Guest House to watch the Spain vs Paraguay match. One thing I have noted about Police in Joburg is that they mingle freely with locals, 3 of them came to watch the match at the Guest House fully armed with pistols and sipping Jack Daniels. We were taking Viceroy and cops were Taking Jack Daniels…………..

Aftermath of the game….Check out all those Krest Bitter Lemons

Clubbing in Joburg – First and foremost we had to head out of Joburg to a slinky town called Sandton City to club. Found a club called Zouk. Entrance 100 Rand (1000 Kenyan Shillings). Looks jus like Westy only without the exorbitant entry fee.

Lounge Bar Zouk

Jomo shows them how its done

McCrutch Shakey Leggy

690 Rand a Bottle

Even the odieros sag these sides

If you can’t dance jus have a seat on the Champagne Corner…..Big Pimping

Naija Bouncer

We make it rain…make it rain…make it rain….make it rain

Then they brought the bill

Outside club Zouk

Brigade headed home at 5am-ishhhh

Highlight of the day – Getting VIP seats in Sandton City

Miss of the Day – Camera ran out of charge while at Nissan Bruma. Showroom for Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche and one Pimped up ML650

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