Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Eight 02nd July 2010 – Ba-Ghana Ba-Ghana

0800hours – Border town Tlokweg is only a 15 minute drive from Gaborone. The only Border we crossed without been charged a dime.

Some bit of Lingo keeps changing as we headed to the south African region…here are a few

Traffic Lights = Robots

Soda = Fizzy Drinks

Ugali = Pap

Roundabout = Circle

Crossroads = Fourways (Not that kind of fourway for the perverted ones)

Rims = Magnums

Sleep = Knockoff

Githeri = Sembu

Wasapere = Wasapere Ni wale wale

Downtown Gaborone

Kiarie at the border post Typical Kenyans we are.

Arrive at this toll station without a single rand on us. Had to drive back 20kms to find the nearest petrol station and exchange some Botswana Pula for SA Rand.

Hello Joburg

Car wash here is done right on the parking slot

Met this Vehicle in downtown Joburg……World cup fever well and trully with us

Follow the signs to Ellis Park Stasdium. Our Guest House will be right next to it.

Vodacom Towers

California Bar and Restaurant where we watched the Brazil vs Netherlands match. What a cracker. That there is a heater.

Jomo at Darras Shopping Mall

Didn’t know how Loud a Vuvuzela is until I met Rob

Good times as Ghana score the fist goal of the match

Driver of the Day – Kiarie got us to Joburg but only Jomo could understand how to drive inside Joburg. Place is way too complex.

Robots – There are 10 times as many traffic lights in Joburg compared to East Africa combined.

Ba-Ghana Ba-Ghana – The boys did us proud but the elimination was too hard to take. Everyone was completely deflated and we all headed back to the hotel for the night.

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