Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Eighteen 12th July 2010 – South Western Township (SOWETO)

You cannot visit SA without going to Soweto so off we were to the Ghetto side of South Africa (it’s quite posh nowadays by the way). So much history lies here and our visits would take us to Mandela House, Tutu Residence and the Hector Pieterson Museum and oh yah a bit of Soccer City as well.

First stop haircut and you can see from the look on Shem’s face it was a tard bit rough

A view of Soweto……..Please look at the background

Destination Vilakazi Street…….Ramsay Street of Soweto

8115.....Mandela House

Words from the Great Man to his then wife Winnie

View from Inside the House where Mandela and his family lived

Winnie Mandela

The youths would use these bin covers to protect themselves from the rubber bullets from the Apartheid forces……..Judging from the bullet holes those bullets were not exactly rubber.

Nelson Mandela and his family lived here between 1946 and the early 1990's.....After been released from Prison Madiba still went back to 8115 shows how humble the great man is..

This portrait of Mandela was done by a Kenyan lady

Messages written on Currencies from all over the world…..Notice the 100 and 200 bob notes from Kenya

Sugar Ray Leonard donated his WBC championship belt to Mandela and was added to the collection

The long wal to freedom

Desmond Tutu Residence…….He amazingly still lives in this house in Soweto

Hector Pieterson……Schoolboy shot and Killed by Apartheid Police

Truly a rainbow nation.....Some bunjee jumping was going on there too

Home to the Orlando Pirates

Man made hills of gold dust from all the mining

Soccer City Finally...

Apartheid – It was a shameful period of South African History but good to see that it has been put in the past and sports has brought the different people together.

June 16th 1976 - This is the year of our late heroes and heroines of 1976. Our late heroes- our late heroines of 16 June1976, Who fought for freedom we have today. Freedom that youth of today have.

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