Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Five 29th June 2010 - Mosi-o-tunya

0800 hours and we off to Mosi-O-Tunya popularly known as Victoria falls. Can't use words to describe it, let the photos have the final say.

Cabs in Livingstone. They are all Toyota 100's and of course blue in color

Our first glimpse of the zambezi as we approached the falls. That point marked the record floods of the Zambezi

About 20 dollars for non residents

Dr. Livingstone himself....Not so in the flesh

Shhteam FC at the falls

Time to get suited's gonna get wet

The water mass is unbelievable.

Raincoats are put to use

The rain that comes from under...the spray was amazing

Rainbow at the falls

More pictures of the falls

Bridge between Zimbambwe......and Shem

Bridge to get to the western cape of the falls....not one for the faint hearted
McCrutch drying off after a 30 minute shower from under
Steers at Livingstone before heading for the border

Shem and Kiarie at the Botswana border crossing

Footnote: We were in Zimbabwe for only 15 minutes so as to get to Botswana

Toyota WISH.......Only 3500kms

Wildlife on the way

The lovely giraffe couple

We finally sit down and have a drink after 4 days on the road

2100 hours and we get to Maun, Botswana. Watched the Spain vs Portugal match. Tomorrow we head to the Okavango

Highlight of the day - Victoria falls is even threatening to be the highlight of the trip. You can literally run out of adjectives to describe it.

Driver of the day - We did 3 countries in one day, although we was only in Zim for not more than 15 minutes. Shem got us through the beautiful savanna and bush in Bots to Maun. Splendid roads and drive.


  1. where are the rav photos. Miss you guys

  2. weeeh guys must be having a blast. Na wapi hapo they serve ugali tatu,kuku na mboga guys must have been over.
    Jo'burg must be kicking!!!

  3. I met you guys at Zula Bar in Cape Town!
    Hope your trip is still amazing!!!
    Put more photo's up. :)

  4. Hey Sarah! You gonna be on the blog tomorrow as i update Day 13, 14 and 15. We @ Durban now the adventure continues

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  6. Waah that was quite some moment..For sec I felt threatened by the sight of the Victoria falls bridge..I need to gather my whole clans courage to even go near