Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Eleven 5th July - Johannesburg to Cape Town

Time to say goodbye to G&G guest house and head out to Cape Town. Wake up call was meant to be 0600 hours but ended up been 1100 hours after a late night drinking session at the guest house. Had another good breakfast from the lovely Fatima and we were good to go.

1100 hours ended up been 1300 hours after we managed to conveniently get ourselves lost despite the use of GPS. In our defense Joburg is one jungle of a city. Getting out of the City into the N1 freeway was practically impossible, after 23 attempts we managed to get on the right road.......finally we were on our way.

Bye-Bye Joburg.......Just for now

Am assuming that is not Sylvester Stallone's BMW

Lovely landscaping at this Shell Filling Station

No need to explain this shot........usual suspects

Lovely cross on the road to Cape Town....Looked like it was suspended in the air....We must remember the creator up above for keeping us safe this journey. This was 5:30pm by the way. The sun sets very early these sides in this time of year.

Focus dudes...focus...Prize is at Cape Town and not 105kms away

Got another flat tire in the middle of the night only this time it was one tire and we were in a developed world not crazy as Serenji in Zambia. Chnaged wheels in a flash and we were back on the road needing a puncture repair in the middle of the night.

Got to a town called Beaufort west and we called an after hours number to repair our Punctured tire but the geezers wouldn't repair claiming some company policies so we had to drive on the biscuit a further 500kms to Cape Town at an top speed of only 100kms per hour. It was one long night, we all did our part to keep the driver company.

Photo didn't come out as well but this is the Huguenot Tunnel as you approach Cape Town.....5kms of pure amazement driving right under a mountain. This part of the world doesn't feel like Africa.

5am very exhausted and GPS tracking in hand we managed to trace our Guest House in the Cape Town rain. The drive into Cape Town was so amazing with the lights around the town and the harbor couldn't wait to see the City in daylight.

Drivers of the Day - Jomo and Shem for driving almost 1600kms to Cape Town, took almost 16 hours but it was worth the drive.

Quote of the day - So you gonna ride on the biscuit? Tyre repair dude at beaufort west after they declined to repair our puncture.

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