Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day and Night Twenty Two and Three - Home Sweet Home

Border crossing - Since the border will open at 0800 hours we got the bonus of the extra hours sleep but still lost an hour crossing from Zambian CAT time to Tanzanian EAT and 0800 hours ended up been 0900 hours and still managed to get stuck in traffic at the border while waiting for a truck that had blocked us to be cleared. We were soon in TZ headed for Arusha.

Guest House at Nkonde, was very cosy by the way despite a club right behind the rooms but luckily all clubs must close at 2200hours

Yah they serve Heineken too here

Headed to the Hills in this Mountainous Country giving a stunning backdrop for the drive

Tanzanian Cop giving the Vuvuzela a try......Failed miserably but top marks for been a good sport

Just could not resist this one...It's not a Town for the record

1900hours at Mikumi shopping centre then we hit an un-marked bump end flat tire and 2 broken coil springs, damage was threatening to derail our trip to Arusha as we had to do emergency repairs.....and since Mikumi National Park was up ahead we couldn't risk driving on a damaged vehicle as you can imagine breaking down in the middle of the park.

Changed the flat tire and headed 200 yards ahead to a 24 hour garage to do some repairs, the congolese mechanic managed to get some used coil springs to fix on our car, amazingly he managed to fix both coil springs on his own as the rest of the garage out some patch jobs on our busted tires. Amazingly 2 hours later we were back on the road.

At this point we decided to change our plans and drive through to Kenya since we would get to Arusha in the morning. So off we were again and for the record we spotted a Leopard crossing the road at Mikumi National Park. Now just picture getting a breakdown there........

Flat and a broken suspension

Coil springs totally buggered

McCrutch with a spring in his step.......Does it have something to do with the Platic Bottle in his Pocket?

0500 hours Breakfast at Mombo....It's like the Mtito Andei of these sides

More stunning views on the drive to Namanga

Welcome home boys

You have reached your destination - Got to Namanga border post at 1100hours and TZ officials swiftly told us that we had failed to pay a 25 dollar levy on our way in last time round. So we had no choice but to convert our recently changed Kenyan Shillings in US Dollars to sort them brothers out. Got to the Kenyan side of the border only to be told we need to pay 400 bob for over-time since it was a Saturday, how typically Kenyan, but we were spared after they realized our car had Kenyan plates.

Home at last ....well not yet - We still had a small matter of 170kms to get to Nairobi, drove through some diversions and some good roads, got to Mombasa Road to find the same old Jam at South C, bypassed it via South B and managed to get home around 1500hours and McCrutch got home.

ShhTeam FC awards - Stay tuned to the blog for ShhTeam FC end of trip awards including Golden Boot Winner

World Cup 2014 - Never too early to plan for the next edition in Brazil. ShhTeam FC is recruiting players for the road trip to Brazil (yes we shall cross the ocean by road) in a nutshell plan will be drive down to cape town, take a ferry to Chile over the Atlantic, Drive to Brazil....Anyone Interested? I bet you are. Ciao...See you at the awards ceremony

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