Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Thirteen 07th July 2010 - At The Beach, In The Stadium, On The Mountain, It's Ayoba Time

After the euphoria of the Netherlands vs. Uruguay match last night at the Greenpoint stadium it was time to tour Cape Town and see what it has to offer, never did we doubt we were in for the rides of our lives taking our trip down south to dizzying heights literally.

First stop would be cable mountain which wouldn't be hard to trace since it towers over the whole city

Nice to see the message been put through where it really matters

Yah those tiny blue things hanging on the clothes lines were going to takes us to the top

Look a little bit closely Shem

You need VISA to get on one of these...capacity is 65 passengers

What follows are shots from the top of table mountain

ShhTeam FC top of the world

Stunning shot from the top
Next stop was Chapman’s Drive that takes you to the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost tip of Africa a landmark for our trip down south.

Chapman's drive makes you feel like you are no longer in Africa.....Actually the whole of Cape Town looks like a movie scene from a Mediterranean European City.

Yes we made it as cold as it was....4 degrees to be specific

Time for some hot drinks now as we watch the Spain vs. Germany match destination Zula Bar on Long Street in Cape Town, they have a website I promised the lady serving us drinks I will give them a shout out on our blog so here goes I didn’t get free drinks to do this, it was just me been nice

Long street in Cape Town....Home to 95% of all bars in the City i've found a use of the Crutches while in a Bar

A word from our Sponsors....Heineken

Martin from Argentina....Plays for a band in Durban....Performing liven Cape Town and Supporting Espana

Making new friends
Vuvuzela blowing Spanish fans

Cannot remember the guys name but this was the funniest/craziest man in Cape Town....Had a geographical map of all pubs and clubs in the whole city....Do not want to know what the 3 finger sign meant

Sarah getting the blog ddress from McCrutch.....Only the Blog Address

Joburg right next to Pretoria.....In Cape Town

Achtung! The Germans are Here......then they went home

Quote of the day – You gonna head out to a bar called Joburg down the road right here in Cape Town and its right next to a club called Pretoria in Cape Town, crazy fella from Zula Bar

Highlight of the Day – Chapman’s Drive to Cape of Good Hope, when I retire I wanna live there for the rest of my life.

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