Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Twelve 6th July 2010 - Greenpoint Stadium

1100 hours at Stonehurst Guest Lodge after the all day and night drive to Cape Town. Breakfast here is Do It Yourself and the boys here don't exactly have Kitchen skills. Kiarie the butter is normally kept in the fridge and not inside the microwave. Agenda for the day, fix up the WISH, Hustle for World Cup Tickets. Off we were to city center to look for new rims and a tire.

Stonehurst Lodge....An Old Victorian House built in no moment in our stay did we doubt it was more than 160 years old.

Table mountain right outside the tire repair shop. A bit cloudy at the top...tomorrow we scale the mountain.

Downtown cape town while looking for cup tickets brokers Jacob Zuma just showed up from inside the building....very casual securityand we can confirm he didnt have an 'escort'

FIFA ticketing office, hotspot for black market tickets. Managed to get 4 category 1 tickets from a dude called Hassen, he bought us coffee on the house, now was jus to convince the stadium authorities that i look like Mohammed Hassen Salim

Time to pick up the WISH after these fellas here did a super job at fixing it up with new rims and tires. They even gave us a complimentary wine.

He got new gear too......

Borrowed the scarf for the photo......Kiarie dude buy your own scarf its only 40 rand

Happy hour at this place on Long Street in Cape Town....We was gonna come back here definitely

World cup fever well and truly off in downtown Cape Town, dutch supporters add such color to the environment.

Lovely shot of the Greenpoint stadium from the High Level Road.

Time to head back to the Lodge and get wrapped up, it was gonna be pretty cold in the stadium. Good thing it wasn't raining in Cape Town.

Lovely shot of Shhteam FC outside the stadium before the match.

It would soon fill up to 62,000 fans in Orange and 32 of them in the blue of Uruguay.
Time for the players to warm up before the game

All seated at the stadium

Chic was a bit lost as this was not the game involving Spain but you are more than welcome dear

Tine to get things going as the temperature continues to drop in the stadium.

Dutch Goal

Celebration time for the Oranje

Diego Forlan the Party Pooper as always......

Half time and that means booze time.....dude loves his beer

Another dutch goal well celebrated at the pitch

And in the stands.....

Oranje Fans salute their fans and the party officially starts

He came all the way from New Zealand and he met this crazy Kenyans, that is why its called the world cup.

Party Central at the Greenpoint Stadium

One for the blog with the cutest of authorities here

McCrutch meets his equivalent....not once

Not twice.........

But thrice....dude was a Man U fan but one love in the name of the Dutch

More celebration madness outside the stadium

Inside the stadium with more Oranjes

Blame the Budweiser's for the crazy celebrations

Cant remember what the Sandwiches were called...again blame the Budweiser but it was loveliest

Party Central is Long Street in Cape Town....Ivy league Bar and Restaurant

Highlight of the day - Need i tell you.........

Mission Accomplished - We came to SA with the intention of watching at least one world cup and we achieved that at the most beautiful city in South Africa the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town.

Time to head back to Stonehurst Lodge for a bit of a rest before we tour Cape Town tomorrow including the Table Mountain and Cape of Good Hope.

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