Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Six 30th June 2010 – Okavango Delta

0900 Hours – For the first time on our road trip we don’t have to be on the road early so no 0530 wake up calls by mwalimu Jomo. Itinerary for the day was to be a tour to the Okavango delta. Coz of time we decided to do aflight over the delta instead of a trip into the delta by car. It’s normally flooded at this time of year.

Met one Peter Macharia at our Lodge. Wasapere wako kila mahali, what are the odds? His vehicle was stuck in the delta for 5 days, finally managed to get it out of the flooded mash.

First things first……a hearty Maun style breakfast

So that’s how our Lodge looks like in daylight…..

Downtown Maun, land of 4x4’S

Time for a haircut

Scenic flights booking office

Shhteam FC at Maun Airport….

We meet our Pilot Alex

Metal Detectors – McCrutch could’t but help set off all alarms. Had to be patted down in closed room at the airport, next time can a lady do that instead of that chap.

Jomo was none too amused when his BLING was not detected by the machine. They may be plastic you know.

McCrutch on Runway One….Clear for takeofff

Airforce not so one

Co-Pirate Jomo

Twas a bit of a tight fit with these boys

Shhteam FC taking off

McCrutch on Back Left

Scenic flight – It was a one hour flight over the Okavango what followed next was stunning imagery. Tried to post as many as possible.

Finally….We not sure what this was but it was stunning. Looks like a football pitch on the Okavango

Driver/Pilot of the Day – Captain Alex for taking us around the Okavango

Quote of the Day – A man on crutches wearing a shirt written duck and cover is a dangerous man. South African Tourist to McCrutch at Maun Airport.


  1. it looks great.

  2. Edu clearly you have become an international tourist,the blog is very interesting one feels like they are a part of the long adventure the pics are just awesome............Am soooooooooo jealous wow you actually went for the world cup......cant wait for u to be back and ask me what time i arrived in the office..................have fun-Mercy Kalunga

  3. Very interesting stuff.The Okavango Delta,felt like i was the one taking the photos,awesome awesome!You should have taken me with you mmmmh...Enjoy n take cay