Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Four 28th June 2010 - Light at the end of the tunnel

0630 hours of a forgettable chilly morning in a sleep town called Serenji....we finally managed to get somewhere to sleep but the thickness of the blanket was as good as a padded mosquito net. Place was unbelievably windy and cold. The sun been out was null and void.

We slept fully clothed...mpaka with the crutches

Buggered and partner in crime totally buggered

Toyota WISH-i-had-wheels

1000 hours and we finally had some repair job done on the car and we could proceed to the next town to fix it properly....drawback was driving at 100kph on a super super highway. Felt like we was walking.

1300 hours after some hit and miss town we arrive at Kabwe where now we did a proper repair job on the vehicle, spent most of the afternoon in the garage...sounds just like home only this time we were in the garage for real and not buffet park doing 'repairs' on the car.

Kiarie and Shem overseeing the repair job at Auto World in Kagwe
Jomo having a man from Murang'a moment

1700 hours and we finally off to Livingstone via Lusaka. Road was very good no more potholes a 600km journey. We finally got to Livingstone past 1am.

Driver of the day - Kiarie for getting us to Livingstone and not so special mention for Shem who kept stopping us for pee-stops every 10kms. Take some brandy next time.

Moment of the day - The buggered tire been hammered into shape at Serenji. Couldn't believe that tire could be round again.

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