Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night Three June 27/28th 2010 - After the Sunset

Amount we paid is enough to buy a VITZ

2130 Hours cruising at 180kph in the zambian bush headed for Lusaka then................

Massive pothole...even this photo doesn't do it justice

End result is 2 flat tires and 2 badly bent rims

This one is properly buggered......

This one is completely buggered......

Enter into the scene riding his bicycle....Katongo aka Baba Catherine. Was from visiting his Fiance 1km away and was headed home and decided to help us. God Sent i tell you.

Katongo: Wow your tires are buggered
Katongo: You mean to say both tires are buggered
Katongo: One is badly buggered
Katongo: But the other is completely buggered

Shhteam FC lights a fire to keep war....the outside temperature was 10 degress with a cilly wind

Fire wasn't enough we had to catch a few....

We even got used to the bush....cooler box was a good seat

Repair job required on the rim to get us to the next town 100kms away

Katongo getting paid for a Job well done.....

30kms from refuge the tre gives way again but this time no Katongo to the rescue....drove on the rim until we got to a town called Serenji and slept fully clothed in the first available guest house. (reports suggest that Jomo slept with his shoes on)

Quote of the Night - No prizes for guessing who....Katongo - You are completely buggered

Driver of the Night - Jomo - For getting us to Serenji at 3am on 3 wheels

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  1. waa poleni sana. bt on the brighter side u got to camp out even though it was not in ur schedule. hope that today u dnt hv such problems. wish all the best