Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Seven 01st July 2010 – Trans Kalahari Highway

Wake up call 0600 hours which turned out to be 0900 hours after we went clubbing to the one and only night club in Maun called Trekkers (pronounced treggars) by the locals. We had to say goodbye to the beautiful Maun and head to Gaborone 1000kms away via the Kalahari desert.

Time to leave Maun headed for Gaborone

Flooded bridge 20kms from Maun. Water was Crystal Clear

Whirlpool at the flooded bridge…….

McCrutch testing the waters…..would have been drained at the Okavango if I had been swept away

Caravans at the Petrol station on the Trans Kalahari

We were moving fast……….

Really fassstttt…………..

Bling Bling……The Diamond Mines of Jwaneg

Taking a breather on the highway. Great roads

Sun going down just before Gaborone

1700 hours and we arrive at Gaborone. Got lost looking for our Hotel but we finally found it. Did a night out a Lizards Lounge in Gaborone. Did you know clubs here close at 2am? We was tired anyway coz tomorrow we head to Joburg.

Driver of the day – Jomo – 1000kms in 7 hours the roads were super super super

Surprise of the Day – We drove for over 1000kms and did not meet a single road block or police officer. Unheard of in Kenya

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