Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Fifteen July 09th 2010 – Ocean Drive Part Two

Too much partying in East London end result no one could wake up early enough for the Drive all the way to Maputo, Mozambique we decided to drive to Durban and spend the nigh there. So we had the whole morning to enjoy more of East London.

Kiarie feeling the effects of the night before......but we did doubt the contents of the Passion Juice after more theatrics from Michael

Yet another word from our sponsors...Heineken

You can seer why we didn't want to leave this place

Breakfast at East London.......Therein lies the Bread Brigade

After reluctantly leaving East London we got to Durban at 2300hours and managed to get a guest house hosted by a lovely lady who went by the name Noma Africa….Befitting name for the lady.

Driver of the Day – Jomo, driving the dodgiest bit of the N2 to get us to Durban

Highlight of the day – Morning beer at East London at the guest house with a beach view, niceness.

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