Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Seventeen 11th July 2010 – La Furia vs Oranje

And then there was three – Kiarie was left behind in Maputo to mingle more with the in-laws who may just end up been the out-laws by the end of this trip (just kidding). The rest of ShhTeam FC headed back to Joburg to catch the final between Spain and the Netherlands.

Maputo to Joburg via Swaziland again by accident – Journey back to Joburg was going to get us to South Africa without the need to go through Swaziland again but we did manage to get ourselves lost in the Portuguese speaking country and arrived yet again in King Mswati’s hood in a different border. I guess we loved the place so much we had to have a peak yet again. Blame the polygamy in this country for that.....

Almost did the whole blog without mentioning this little fella called Zakumi. He happens to be the FIFA World Cup 2010. Did anyone spot him in the stadiums? You’ve been a very naughty boy

FIFA fan park at Sandton City in Joburg

An all girls Vuvuzela choir

Are you enjoying the match or feeling the cold?


Viva Espana - Spanish victory in the ed………They played the best football and got a sumptuous winner despite some rough house tactics from the boys in Oranje....I thought they invented Total Football? That was more like TKO football from Nigel De Jong

"Cold Park" Fan Fest - Temperature was about 2 degrees, a bit of a bonfire would have helped keep the cold away. We persevered though since it was World Cup 2010 final

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